SeasonFive Arm Sleeves in Snowshoe Mag

Winter is just around the corner which means less SUPing at our headquarters in Colorado and more snow play. Our gear is perfect for water sports, it’s true, but what most people don’t know is that our Atmos 1.0 technology rocks as a base layer for snow sports as well. Jenny Starkey from Snowshoe Magazine recently tested out our Atmos 1.0 Arm Sleeves for hiking in the Rockies and came back with very positive results. 

Snowshoe Magazine SeasonFive Atmos 1.0 Arm Sleeves

"Paired with a sweat wicking t-shirt, these arm sleeves were perfect for a day in the wilderness when the weather was unpredictable."
We’re looking forward to seeing what other winter sports we can pair our Arm Sleeves with. For the whole article visit Snowshoe Magazine at


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