May No Season Stop You.

Say goodbye to shying away from wind, sun, and surf. We help you get out and stay out, and keep you comfortable while doing it. We truly believe the elements don’t stand a chance against our tech, and we strive to help athletes use their bodies as their own protection inside SeasonFive.

SeasonFive apparel started in watersports, evolved into activewear, and now runs free wherever you do. For those athletes who come alive in the open air, we help you do it longer – staying dry, warm, and comfortable with full range of motion.

So even though our bodies aren’t built to endure all conditions, that’s no reason to avoid them. Embrace the elements with us as we push the limits of apparel as much as the boundary-breaking humans who wear it.

We live where others dare not venture.

We build pinnacle and innovative products without compromise. SeasonFive was started by industry veteran Mike Fischer, whose background spans from the surf apparel industry, to building protective apparel for climbing Mount Everest. The SeasonFive team uses this expertise in fabric technology and garment construction, to look at ways of fabricating apparel to perform in new ways to keep you more comfortable, longer.