Our proprietary Atmos 1.0 fabric is the heart of the SeasonFive brand and our proudest accomplishment. It was the root of our initial Barrier series launch, and is the product of over 2 years of development. With remarkable water repellency, it is the top of the line for next-to-skin, breathable, waterproof athletic gear.


Our biggest development in 2013 was the Atmos LT fabric, a lightweight, warm-weather knit fabric. The Atmos LT combines the hydrophobic fabric construction you would expect from us, spun out of 50% recycled polyester and natural fibers to neutralize odors. Its additional 50+UPF protection means it's the only shirt you'll need on those hot summer days.  


Waterproof materials have been around for a while, but usually require chemical treatment and other things you wouldn't want pressed against your skin. As more and more chemicals are ruled unsafe these days, the search has been on for a healthy alternative that still keeps you dry. Here at SeasonFive, we engineer our fabric to be the hydrophobic agent, rather than relying on toxic treatments to normal fabric, and any additional DWR (durable water repellent) treatments used are always environmentally friendly and skin-safe.


When you're pushing yourself as hard as you can, the last thing you need is chafing from seams. We've eliminated every possible seam; where seams are absolutely necessary, we stitch them flat-lock and as small as possible.



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