How to be energized: afternoon

Tired of waking up without energy day after day? You’re not alone. Your responsibilities and obligations might not be letting up any time soon, but there’s good news: developing healthy habits has a huge impact on your energy levels.


Get fresh air.

Feeling stuck at your desk leaves you feeling drained and disconnected. Step away from work, go outside for some fresh air and sunny rays, and take a walk during your break. It may seem like a luxury to leave, but you’ll come back to whatever you were working on with a fresh perspective and much more energy.


Drink green tea.

You might be tempted to reach for that second cup of coffee in the afternoon, but opt for green tea instead. It will keep give your body a boost — with a ton of extra benefits — and is less likely to affect with your sleep later that night.


De-clutter your workspace.

When your desk (or inbox) looks like a war zone, it’s setting you up to feel stressed out and wiped out. Take a few minutes every day to clean up and get organized, so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming later. A calmer, more zen work environment keeps you feeling “on,” connected, and productive.


Eat an energizing snack.

As tempting as those goods from the vending machine can be, they won’t offer your body the sustainable energy it needs. Keep these healthy snacks on hand at work to stave off unhealthy cravings and support your needs.



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