How to be energized: Night

Tired of waking up without energy day after day? You’re not alone. Your responsibilities and obligations might not be letting up any time soon, but there’s good news: developing healthy habits has a huge impact on your energy levels.


Skip the nightcap.

After a long day, a few glasses or wine or a nice cocktail might seem like the perfect way to unwind, but alcohol can disrupt your natural sleep cycle and leave you feeling exhausted the following morning. If you’re dealing with energy issues, it’s best to just say no to alcohol before bed.


Turn off electronics.

If you keep your electronics on all night, it is affecting your sleep patterns and your demeanor the following morning. Before bed, skip the tube or your laptop, and wind down with an article or book instead. This change seems small but makes an enormous difference.


Get to bed.

Quality sleep is one of the best ways to ensure energy the next day. Those Netflix binges and extra chapters add up! Listen to your body, hit the hay earlier, and make sure you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep every night so you wake up feeling fabulous, energized, and ready to take on your day.




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