Interview with Grom Team Athlete Miles Harvey

Photo: Paul Clark 

Mile's Harvey is a 13 year old professional stand up paddler living in Salida, CO. If you're a river surfer you know who Miles Harvey is. This youngster is raising the bar in the world of river surfing by landing tricks never before done on a river wave. With his Father being the founder and co-owner of Badfish Stand Up Paddle (a SUP board company designing boards specifically for river surfing and whitewater)  it's no surprise that he's one of the top river surfers in the world.

First of all, how long have you been stand up paddling? 

I started stand up paddling when I was 8.

How often do you get out on the water?

Pretty much every day!

What's it like being the son of the founder of Badfish SUP? Do you have a say in any of the designs that come out of the shop?

It's fun to be involved with the business. I go to trade shows with my Dad and get to help with  boards when Zack (co-owner and shaper) are doing prototypes. 

We know you paddle rivers but do you paddle on the ocean?

Yes, I love to paddle in the ocean, both surfing and racing. We try to make a couple of trips every year to the ocean. Last year I got to surf in Chicama, Peru which is the longest left hand wave in the world and raced in the Battle of the Paddle. 

Do you like one more than the other? 

I love paddling rivers and paddling in the ocean. I couldn't pick between them.

What do you love about river surfing? 

I love the creativity of river surfing.

What's the coolest thing you've ever done on a SUP?

I love coming up with new river surfing tricks. One of the best experience I have had is paddling and surfing with the whole Badfish Grom Team at the Payette River Games. It's fun to get to paddle with other kids that are really into the sport. 

What's your favorite downriver section?

Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas River. 

You've been getting a lot of attention in the river surfing world. What are you doing out there that's making you one of the top stand up paddle river surfers? 

I've learned a lot from my Dad's business partner Zack Hughes and he has also made me some awesome boards that help me progress. I think skateboarding is also influencing my surfing a lot. 

 Do you have any big plans for the rest of the season? 

Just keep paddling and surfing as as I can before school starts!

What are your goals for 2016?

Still working on this year's goals! I want to go to the SUP Fiesta in California next year which is a all kids SUP surf contest and race. 

One last thing, what's your favorite SeasonFive piece?

I love all the Atmos 1.0 tops. It's the perfect weight for all different kinds of paddling. 

Miles Harvey - Team Badfish Rider from LS3 Aerial on Vimeo.





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