Life on the Road with Brittany Parker

SeasonFive Athlete Brittany Parker (BP) is a grade-a nomad and adventurer. She's been through many transitions and spending her time paddling her board down the veins of this country. In her words...

"I’ve been living on the road since the snow started melting and the rivers began raging. Living out of my truck or the “official” ‘Can I Surf That’ rig on a mission to pursue and sustain my life as a stand up paddle athlete, writer, and adventure maker! This Summer I traveled with many, paddled to the point where a board beneath my feet was more constant than solid ground, brushed my teeth with a sandy toothbrush (and liked it), and have learned that anywhere is home as long as there's a river and coffee shop near by."


"I don't believe in excuses. Get out and do what makes you happy." 


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