Your Brain on Water

Author of 'Blue Mind', Wallace J. Nichols, writes that water has a strong effect on us that can help to relieve stress and soothe the mind.

We’re drawn to it and now science can back up why this is and prove that water can, in fact, make us happier human beings.

The words “ocean view” are two of the most valuable words in the human language. People will pay 50 times the average hotel price just to fall asleep and wake up to the sound of waves lapping on the beach. Why is that? Because, water makes us feel like better people when we are around it.

 Nichols believes that realizing our mind to water connection could aid in water conservation efforts. He refers to this as neuro-conservation. We strive to protect the things we feel close to and seeing as our brains are made up of 90% water how could we not feel close to this element that’s essential to life. 

Our advice and challenge to you is get in the water, be near the water, and take someone with you. If you aren’t part of and experiencing your local bodies of water you won’t vote to protect it.

The off-season for water sports is swiftly approaching, the air is a bit chilled and it makes it harder to motivate. Check out our Atmos 1.0 line to help #extendyourseason and get you out on the water when everyone else is shying away from the cold temps. You’re training doesn’t have to stop.



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