Emily Jackson

  • NAME:

    Emily Jackson


    EmJ, EJ2, ET


    March 13


    Rock Island, TN

    Favorite Place to Paddle:

    Anywhere there is water! Warm like Africa, Clear like Cali, Big like the Ottawa, Friendly like Colorado and Home Sweet Home.


    2009 Women’s World Freestyle Champion
    2011 Silver Medalist
    Placed Top 3 in all Freestyle Events Entered Since 2006
    Ranked #1 Women’s US Slalom in 2009
    Raised $30K for Soft Power Health, Fighting Malaria in Uganda
    2006 Outdoor Idol and Current Outdoor Nation Ambassador
    Survived being a Jackson


    My Rock Star S (its EPIC!)


    Zen or Villian S, Zen in more big water creeking and Villain S when I want the sweetest boofs or rock maneuvering

    Her Crazy Fact

     I’ve completed a Marathon and a Century Ride with my Mother in the same month and I own a pot belly pig monkey (French bulldog)

    Why Emily Loves Kayaking:

    I love the freedom kayaking gives you, whether its taking you to a new place, introducing you to new people or simply taking away all other thoughts from the day, it always gives me the peace I crave.