1. How does most of the apparel fit?

SeasonFive apparel has more of a fitted athletic silhouette, so if your like it nice and close, then order your normal size.  If you want a little more relaxed fit, then you should order 1 size bigger.

2. What does the name SeasonFive mean?

The brand name is about doing one important task - we aim to Extend Your Season. So with that said, SeasonFive gives you one more season to enjoy the activities you love, while feeling more comfortable and protected from the elements.

3. What is the waterproofness & breathabilty rating of Atmos 1.0 or Atmos 2.0?

For Atmos 1.0 (and actually same for Atmos 2.0 as we use the same membrane):
the waterproof rating is 10,000mm, and the breathability rating is 10,000gm2

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