S5 Athletes - Leif Anderson

NAME: Leif Anderson

NICKNAME: None needed.  Too famous.

DOB: 1/28/1983, but I've only been paddling since 1996.

HOMETOWN: Fort Collins CO

Favorite Place to Paddle: Slave River, NWT

It all depends on context.
  • Gore 2012: First place
  • Slave RIver Edge King: First place
  • North Fork Championship 11th (open division)
  • First (and only so far) descent of "Pony Monster" line on the Slave river
  • Most important to me is that I married an awesome kayaker.
Crazy Fact About You: I have had this mullet for about 8 years.

Why Leif Loves Kayaking: Actually, I'm only in it for the money. Knitting is my real passion.  Paddling to beautiful and unique places, testing my skill on difficult rapids, and throwing big tricks are all fun things to do, I guess, but nothing can match the satisfaction of knitting a pair of fuzzy mittens.

Favorite SeasonFive Product:  The basic short sleeve barrier top. It's incredibly versatile.  I wear it every time I paddle, whether I'm in just the S5 top and a lifejacket on a warm summer day, or I've got the S5 top layered underneath my drytop as an additional waterproof layer during the middle of winter.
Check out Leif's blog here.